What makes K9 Retreat different from other traditional kennels?

Your dog is not locked in a kennel/run during the day. We have small groups of social dogs that play and have fun in a very large 6ft fenced area. They play ball games, play in the water, play chase me charlie thru the fenced in bush and generally have a great doggy time. Lots of human company and loads of cuddles and treats( if allowed).

Where will my dog sleep during it’s stay?

We have a carpeted and lined rumpus room that has been converted into a doggy lounge. They can sleep on raised beds, crates or whatever suits.

We have various sleeping arrangements available to cater to every dogs needs. More can be discussed while arranging to book your dog in.

My dog has a special diet/medications, can this be accommodated for?

Yes absolutely, no extra charge for medication administration. As a former veterinary nurse, I can administer all types of medications as prescribed by your vet.

If I bring my own food will I get a discount?

No. It takes more time and space to prepare and store different types of food.

Is there a discount for bringing more than one dog?

No. As we are a small Boutique Farmstay its not about the space we have available, but rather the time spent with each dog staying and the special service we provide.

Is there a discount for longer stays?

No sorry. Because we only look after a small amount of dogs we need to receive full price to make our venture viable.

Can you accommodate my elderly/injured dog?

Depending on numbers and bookings quite possibly, with my veterinary background I have extensive experience caring for post-op, geriatric care, etc. Please contact us for further information.

Can I come and see where my dog will be staying?

For both you and your dogs peace of mind we are more than happy to show you around. Please understand this will have to be arranged at a suitable time so as not to unsettle the dogs.